Exposing the claw machine game from our childhood

Exposing the claw machine game from our childhood

And to think the amount of heartache we used to feel when the claw came up empty...

A game machine with a claw
A game machine with a claw/TikTok Screenshot/@clarkatie

As kids, we were always amazed by the infamous claw machine that left many of us feeling defeated at some point or the other. 

Whether the machine had soft toys, tickets, money and more inside, we were always ready for the challenge. 

But 9 out of 10 times, no matter how precise we were with getting the claw in the right position, those claws would predominantly come up with nothing. We can almost hear the Jam Alley jingle as we think back about our losses, "Sorry bangani, sorrrrry!". 

But after all those times of loss and disappointment, it seems our theories that the machine was fixed are in fact true! Dum, dum, dum...

An Australian woman, Katie Clark, who does renovation videos shared her recent discovery behind the claw machine mechanism. She has confirmed that the machine can in fact be programmed so that the player doesn't always win. 

We feel deflated for our younger selves...But there is a part of us that feels vindicated from all the losses. Because now, we know that it was all fixed. 

Watch her share her discovery, courtesy of TikTok


Exposing the claw machine industry !

♬ original sound - Katie Clark


Things did not get any better when Katie revealed that we never stood a chance because the handbook she found shared that the washer on the claw can be loosened to ensure that you don't grab onto the merchandise.

The sad reality is that the odds were never in our favour in the first place.  

Watch her video below, courtesy of TikTok

@clarkatie Replying to @Ailsa | MOUNTAIN LIFE 💕⛰ Claw also confirmed rigged🥲 #clawmachine ♬ original sound - Katie Clark
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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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