EXCLUSIVE: Traveling the world by boat! America's @sailorboyfinn docks in Durban!

EXCLUSIVE: Living on a boat and traveling the world! America's @sailorboyfinn docks in Durban!

 Stacey and J Sbu caught up with the social media star making waves around the world!

EXCLUSIVE: Living on a boat and traveling the world! America's @sailorboyfinn docks in Durban!
EXCLUSIVE: Living on a boat and traveling the world! America's @sailorboyfinn docks in Durban!

This internet sensation from Texas, USA just docked in our very own port and we were lucky to catch him for an exclusive interview.

This legend, @sailorboyfinn, shares with us what it means to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. He inspires and impresses so many people through his viral TikTok videos and social media presence, despite being in the middle of the ocean for extended periods of time. 

Listen to what he had to share about his wholesome story below:

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They say that "smooth seas never make a skilled sailor". Finn is the definition of what it means to be a skillful sailor in the rough seas of life. 

Although he does not participate in the traditional school system, he is boat schooled. His parents teach him what they believe is important in life and through exposure to so many cultures, countries, and people, Finn has turned into a mature, creative, and humble young man. 

He shares further details with us: "I have three other siblings, I play guitar, skate, surf, and love the ocean. I am also a full-time content creator and am just starting to get into photography, videography, and editing photos and video. "

Wow, he is definitely the whole package and this journey is just the beginning.

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See one of his most viral TikTok videos below:

@sailorboyfinn it’s not that it’s deep, it’s what lies beneath😅 #travel #boats #traveling #traveltiktok #tiktoktravel #ocean #swiming #scary #thalassaphobia ♬ Eventually - Tame Impala

Finn praises his family as his biggest role models, who support him on his journey.

They also have a very big social media presence on Youtube called, Sailing Zatara, where they share their life at sea and answer your burning questions while they travel the world. 

Stacey and J Sbu had to jump at the chance to make a TikTok with the expert. Have a look at how @sailorboyfinn lives his best life:

To see more about the life of sailorboyfinn, keep your eyes peeled on his socials. 

We can't wait to see more of his journey on his social media, and we hope he doesn't Finn-ish this endeavour anytime soon!

Have a look at some other awesome videos from Finn:

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@sailorboyfinn South Africa is BEAUTIFUL 🥹 #travel #southafrica #durban ♬ Follow me if you like skiing - Isaac
@sailorboyfinn Follow me on this epic journey to AFRICA! #traveling #sailing #tiktoktravel #boats #lifestyle #teenager ♬ As It Was - Harry Styles

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