"During lockdown I stepped out of my marriage and my best friend exposed me for it"

"During lockdown I stepped out of my marriage and my best friend exposed me for it"

It's all good and well to have great friendships and people you can trust but what happens when those very people break your trust and expose your deepest darkest secrets? 

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Some may think being in a marriage is an easy thing or that people don't face issues that bring them to the edge but they really do. It's not always flowers and roses and talks of sweet nothings. 

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Hlengiwe wrote to Stacey and J Sbu about her transgressions that she was involved in during lockdown. She had an affair for about two months. She managed to keep her dirty secret from her husband and she was planning on confessing to him but her best friend whom she confided in and swore to secrecy decided to tell her husband. Now she feels betrayed because this was definitely not the befriends secret to tell. 

Read her story below: 

As much as it was incredibly wrong for Hlengiwe to step out of her relationship, however, is it not safe to say that it's still up to her to tell the person she is in a relationship with rather than an outsider?

How far does loyalty go when it comes to friendships? Because right now Hlengiwe feels like she has been stabbed in the back by her best friend.  

Listen to Bianca share her story in her own words below:

KZN do you have any advice for this situation? Have you ever been in a situation that someone you trusted did you wrong?

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