Duduzane Zuma in hot water for Dubai trip?

Duduzane Zuma in hot water for Dubai trip?

If he is not in the news for the way he walks, then he is in the news for his political aspirations or under a controversial cloud.

Duduzane Zuma in hot water for Dubai trip?

The former president's son, Duduzane Zuma, could be in hot water with authorities in the United Arab Emirates following videos that circulated online of him having what seems like a great time on a yacht in Dubai. 

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Duduzane was captured in a series of videos with no sign of masks or social distancing and, more importantly, not following Dubai's pandemic protocols - and his actions may prove to be very expensive. 

Zuma is seen with an unidentified male in the videos and from the reflection that is seen in the sunglasses he is wearing, two other people are with him. 

Duduzane is yet to comment on the videos circulating on social media. 

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There have been some questions as to whether the videos are recent, but where Duduzane and his friends are is clear, given the background and the UAE flag on the boat. 

It could get worse for Duduzane. More videos are being shared on socials, one which features him with multiple women all without masks on and extremely close together. 

According to Business Insider, for almost a year now, masks have been required outside of residences in Dubai, and fines of Dh3,000 (R12,000) are regularly issued to those caught without a face covering. 

Watch the videos below: 

Main Image from Twitter screenshot video from@Kulanicool

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