Donald Trump has finally given into the #JerusalemaChallenge

Donald Trump has finally given into the #JerusalemaChallenge

Donald Trump really knows how to rally them voters!

Donald Trump dancing Jerusalema
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Master KG and Nomcebo's hit song, 'Jerusalema', has literally done the rounds all over the world. It has filled dance floors and even got superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Janet Jackson, Chance the Rapper, and many others jamming along to the song.

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The Kiffness thought they would help Donald Trump by adding him to the bandwagon - and they nailed it. 

The Kiffness are known for taking the mickey out of local and international politicians with their hilarious parodies, and this time they had eyes for US President Donald Trump. They put together a compilation of videos showing the president dancing over the 2020 SA national anthem.

Donald even managed to puts his fist in the air at the right time during the song, like he was feeling every beat of the song! Can someone put the volume up for this man!

Watch the video below, the results of the video are hilarious and definitely super catchy:

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