Confession: “It surprises me how casually people dress nowadays…”

Confession: “It surprises me how casually people dress nowadays…”

Mikayla thinks that people dress a tad bit too casually for formal occasions these days and believes people should put in a little extra effort.

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Mikayla raises an interesting point about the changing landscape of dress codes, particularly in formal settings. 

She observes a growing casualness, with people opting for the comfortable options like leggings and slippers even for what were once considered more formal occasions.

This shift has sparked debate. Some, like Mikayla, believe a certain level of effort in attire is appropriate for formality, adding elegance and a sense of respect for the event. 

Others may prioritise comfort or self-expression through their clothing choices.

“I'm not one to judge, but it surprises me how casually people dress nowadays, even for formal occasions. I find it odd that many opt for leggings and slippers even outside the home. I believe putting in a little effort to dress nicely isn't "extra" but rather normal. It's not as challenging as it seems, and it adds a touch of elegance and flair.”

- Mikayla

There's no denying that formal attire has become more relaxed over time. What was once considered a "must-wear" for a formal event might now be deemed overly stuffy. 

It's important to consider the context – a business meeting likely warrants a different approach than a wedding reception.

Ultimately, the question of formality hinges on striking a balance between comfort, personal style, and respecting the occasion's tone. There's room for interpretation and what one person finds appropriate, another might not.

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