Condolences pour in for 65-year old inspiration #GeeSixFive

Condolences pour in for 65-year old inspiration #GeeSixFive

It was just 2 weeks ago, when Stacey and J Sbu had an interview with Gee Six Five who was riding on her name fame, after releasing what was dubbed a hit single at the age of 65.

Gee Six Five

Stacey and J Sbu woke up to the very sad news of the passing of Gee Six Five this morning. 

Her single, 'Obani Lababantu' - which is sung in isiZulu, had gone viral and was even topping the iTunes music charts. Thousands of South Africans streamed and shared the song. She also became a meme on social media solidifying her social media sensation status. 

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Two weeks ago, when Stacey and J Sbu chatted with the inspirational gogo, there was so much hope and plans for the future. Listen to that interview in the podcast below: 

Sbu Mpungose, who is the niece of Gee Six Five confirmed the news on Twitter in the early hours of this morning: 

Within minutes of the confirmation of the news, social media was flooded with tributes for the inspirational gogo, who reminded us that your dreams are valid irrespective of your age. 

May her soul rest in peace. 

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