Colorado bear opens truck door and gets a meal in return

Colorado bear opens truck door and gets a meal in return

A startling video has gone viral showing a black bear standing on its hind legs; opening the passenger door of a truck and making off with a picnic bag. 

Colorado bear

This huge black bear can be seen in the video sniffing around the car before tossing aside a cooler box of drinks and snatching the bag in its mouth.

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This impressive display was filmed in Colorado from inside an adjacent building, the Daily Mail reported Saturday.

Bears have become increasingly crafty in finding food, opening doors to cars and homes in search of nourishing meals. 

Colorado Parks and Wildlife have fielded more than 5,000 reports of bears rummaging in garbage, homes, and cars between April and December last year.

Who would have thought that a wild animal would be able to stand up, open its door, and grab a snack and go about its way without any complications? 

Well, this bear showed us whos boss.

Watch as the bear stands up, opens door and dashes away with the food:

The bear stands up to look through window
Screenshot from video
The opens truck door
Screenshot from video
The bear dashes away with food off to the forrest
Screenshot from video

This bear is surely a few steps away from passing his drivers licence and being a legal driver.  

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