Why did the chicken cross the road? To claim his KFC Add Hope R2 from SARS!

Why did the chicken cross the road? To claim his KFC Add Hope R2 from SARS!

Only in Mzansi...

Woman eating chicken in front of coins
Woman eating chicken in front of coins/ canva compilation

This just in, a loyal KFC customer has started a humorous yet relevant debate on Twitter. 

We all know the famous line: "Would you like to add hope for R2?"

Now, it appears, you can get that hope back...

Check out if you can get the best bang for your cluck:

KFC have chimed in on the conversation, officially sharing that, yes, it is possible to get your money back this tax season.

The Twitterverse is spiralling. While many find the fact that you need to ask for a Section 18A certificate as hysterical, others are actually considering this. 

The general consensus is that it is "way too much admin" and "not worth all the drama". However, if you are a KFC lover like J Sbu, you are "super chuffed!" 

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J Sbu says: "I probably frequent this fast food establishment a minimum of three times a month. I add hope each time so that's a whopping R72 I spend a year... a whole All Star Box meal. I'm excited to finally get a return on my investment."

Here's what else the internet had to say:

  • "I hope you kept your receipts"
  • "Didn't you guys do that out of the goodness of your hearts?"
  • "Can we claim back for donations to government? I have this line PAYE and they take money but get 0 in return leading me to believe it’s a donation…. Likely to a 37m house"

The next time you are asked to add hope, will you be thinking of it differently?

Check out some information shared by IOL about what exactly you need if you wish to claim this money back.

The receipt must contain the following information:

  • The name of the organisation
  • The reference number of the organisation (as issued by Sars)
  • The address of the donee
  • The date of receipt of the donation
  • The name and address of the donor
  • The amount of the donation or the nature thereof if not made in cash
  • Certification that the receipt is issued for the purposes of section 18A, and the donation has been/will be used exclusively for the section 18A objects of the organisation.

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