Bonang Matheba claps back after Ntsiki Mazwai speaks out about House of BNG

Bonang Matheba claps back after Ntsiki Mazwai speaks out about House of BNG

Bonang recently released a new range from her existing sparkling wine and MCC brand, House of BNG, and, of cause, she celebrated it in style. 

Bonanag Matheba

Bonang Matheba recently released the extension to her House of BNG brand with her canned sparkling wine, House of BNG Nectar. What a focused lady!

She launched her beautiful high-end brand House of BNG Nectar in Johannesburg, with some A-listers such as Sarah Langa and Mihlali Ndamase in attendance to celebrate the latest addition to the brand.

Watch the launch video: 

Introducing Bonang's new baby, BNG Nectar: 

But there will always be some haters around when you are flourishing and Ntsiki Mazwai did not shy away in saying how she really feels. 

Ntsiki came for Matheba regarding the ownership of the brand. She did this in a series of tweets.

She even added: “In real life people with money have more power than celebs. In real life people with money pay celebs.”

She also refereed to House of BNG Nectar as JC Le Roux in a can. Imagine! 

And because Twitter is a war zone, other tweeps also added their own two cents. Twitter user @mlsc19 said there was a difference between ownership and being a director of brand, adding that Matheba must show her share certificates.

Matheba replied: “You guys have completely lost your minds!”

Let's just say Bonang these days doesn't play with kids or people that don't do much for her. 

Her clap backs are so chilled. No effort. 

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