Black Coffee and Euphonik in hot water

Black Coffee and Euphonik in hot water

Black Coffee and Euphonik have caused an uproar on social media this afternoon.

Black Coffee
Black Coffee/ Instagram

The uproar stemmed from a poster for an upcoming gig that was shared by Black Coffee for his birthday. 

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What was more noticeable was the fact that Euphonik is listed on the poster under his real name, which is Themba - a fact that social media users believe was done deliberately. 

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Euphonik and DJ Fresh have been in the news in the last few months amid sexual misconduct allegations. In early February, Primedia confirmed the termination of the contracts of both Euphonik and DJ Fresh.  

This followed a decision that was taken in January 2021 of suspending the two DJs after a woman opened a case of rape against them. The woman had earlier taken to Twitter accusing the two of drugging and raping her in 2011. 

Taking to social media, fans of Black Coffee exclaimed: 'Not Euphonik getting booked and being called Themba. Men don’t care shem. Not even the ones that pretend to be for justice.' 

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