Are you guilty of 'lightgassing'?

Are you guilty of 'lightgassing'?

This new term is sending shockwaves through the internet...

Woman with a splitting headache
Woman with a splitting headache/ canva

In society, 'gaslighting' has a bad reputation. It is known for its negative connotations, however, there is a new term that has been making the rounds called 'lightgassing', which is the complete opposite of gaslighting.

One TikToker explains that lightgassing can also be damaging, though.

According to Spencer Greenberg, "lightgassing is when one person agrees with or validates another person's false beliefs or misconceptions in order to be supportive as friends."

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In lightgassing, validation is key. Instead of dismissing or downplaying another person's feelings or experiences, individuals who practice lightgassing actively support behaviour that can be seen as wrong. 

Many users have shared how they too are culprits of doing this. "It is hard to be truthful to friends sometimes. This is a form of pleasing and I feel like a lot of people do this to me," shares one user. 

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