Anniversaries: Big deal or not when your partner forgets them?

Anniversaries: Big deal or not when your partner forgets them?

Special days are meant to be shared with loved ones but they can often be very difficult to keep up with...

Anniversary Stacey and J Sbu
Anniversary , big deal or not really? / Stacey and J Sbu

A momentous occasion that is often honoured with forgetfulness, stress, and last-minute decisions. 

For some they plan way in advance and look forward to these occasions. 

So much so that they diarise these dates months in advance and make elaborate schemes in order to truly celebrate this day. 

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Some of our listeners are 50/50. They want the reward without the effort. 

They want to have an auspicious occasion without planning it. 

On the contrary, some couples have one partner planning it all, with the other putting in minimal effort. 


Some of our listeners gave us their insight as follows: 

  • BIG celebrate. It's an achievement and accomplishment for the relationship. A couple needs to have goals and celebrate them once reached.
  • Big deal if he forgets!!! Not so big on gifts though but I still need him to remember. that I made it this far with him and I'm still alive!
  • What happens if you both forget? Last year my husband and I both forgot only towards the evening did we actually remember, we had a glass of wine said happy anniversary to each other and carried on..
  • Nope, don't do celebrations... No big deal at all.
  • I think it's really important for one to know and really get to understand their partners.

One listener offered a solution whereby they “share the date” via an email invite to add to a calendar so that the couple doesn’t forget their special day. 

Another listener said that it is okay to forget certain anniversaries or dates but the big ones are what matter most. 

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Forgetting something is fine but not making an effort to try to remember is something else entirely. 

We get it, not everyone likes a huge celebration but this is what life is about... celebrating the moments that matter most with the ones you love. 

If anniversaries are pushed to one side, we'd hate to see what happens on birthdays, engagements, and other heart-warming experiences...

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