ALERT: India may change its name to Bharat and here's why

ALERT: India may change its name to Bharat and here's why

G20 invitations have sparked rumours on a name change

India may change its name to Bharat
India may change its name to Bharat / TikTok screenshot , canva

India is known for making major cultural shifts to pave the way for a new generation but have they taken it a little bit too far this time?

Shock, support and indifference are all the emotions being shared on social media over India wanting to change its name. While this may be shocking news for us in the 031, for some it has been a long time coming. 

The official name India wishes to change it's name to is "Bharat", a word dating back to ancient Hindu scriptures.

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 This controversy has sparked rumours ahead of the upcoming G20 summit over the name of host country India. The invites share the name President of Bharat where it usually says President of the Republic of India. 

The country has also called for a special session during September 18-22, which many speculate the name change may be on the agenda. 

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Find out more about this name change and how it came to be here: 

One TikToker has shared his opinion of how he thinks a conversation surrounding the name change will go down. See more below: 

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