WATCH: Massive tornado sweeps through KZN Midlands

WATCH: Massive tornado sweeps through KZN Midlands

Videos have been doing the rounds on social media showing what seems to be a tornado which is currently wreaking havoc in the KZN Midlands area. 

KZN Tornado / Facebook
KZN Tornado / Facebook

Insane weather conditions are currently happening in and around KZN. 

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Video footage of what seems to be a tornado has surfaced on social media on Tuesday afternoon. 

According to Storm Report Live, the footage occurred in the New Hanover area in KZN, and the storm is allegedly headed into central KZN and the Tugela Valley area. 

Local news publication Maritzburg Sun has said that 'multiple tornados have been reported in Mpolweni near Wartburg'. 

While Weather Watch SA has said on Twitter, "Tornadic supercell developed in the Pietermaritzburg area dropping what looks to be a large tornado as well as various reports of severe hail. Instability and wind shear were both supportive of supercells in the area."

Watch the videos below:

Listen to Newswatch's latest update on the KZN tornado in the podcast below:

The Newswatch team is keeping a close eye on this story so stay tuned to find out more as it happens. 

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