#UrbanHotline: Is it okay to ask your ex for money?

#UrbanHotline: Is it okay to ask your ex for money?

A KZN listener and her fiance have been going through a very tough time financially. In a desperate attempt, she reached out to an ex for assistance. 


Listen as KZN reacts on the #UrbanHotline:

They say that starting a business is one of the most stressful things one can do. It requires a lot of one's time and it almost always is very strenuous financially.

A KZN listener, who wanted to remain anonymous, shared her story and asked KZN listeners to weigh in with their thoughts:

East Coast Urban listeners took to Facebook to air their views and they did not hold back: 

Do you think anonymous was wrong to ask for financial help from her ex? Leave your comment below: 

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