#TheHotTake: Should we bring back Home Economics to the curriculum?

#TheHotTake: Should we bring back Home Economics to the curriculum?

A lot of more people are taking classes to study how to be adults. 

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Not only are millennials now being dubbed the burnout generation, but it also seems that that is having an impact on the way we live.

So many millennials are so reliant on technology as well as their parents that they are finding it hard to cope with everyday life.

As a result, all around the world more and more people are signing up for adulting classes.

Whether online or in classrooms, young people are taking courses to learn basic life skills such as budgeting, cooking and even sewing.

Some classes even offer courses on basic communication because participants are so dependent on technology and find it hard to communicate with people one on one.

These skills were taught in home economics classes, but with the change in the curriculum, that course was gradually phased out in South African schools.

Should we bring back Home Economics into the school curriculum or are parents the ones that should teach kids how to live their lives?

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