Should your partner be your best friend?

Should your partner be your best friend?

It's a lot that our significant others carry the cross of having to be our lover, partner in crime, financial advisor, and baby daddy/mommy, so should we burden them with being our best friend as well? 

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Finding the love of your life and marrying them is the easy part. Actually having a successful marriage will require a bit of work. Unfortunately, getting married doesn't guarantee that you'll be with your partner forever, begging the question: does your partner need to be more than just a lover? 

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Our partners have made vows, in front of God and our families, to be with us in sickness and in health, in good and bad, and til death do us part. Is that how you'd also feel about your best friend?

Or should your significant other be more than just a lover, friend, homie... but more especially a best friend?

KZN was split in this debate, what are your thoughts?

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