Schools ban unvaccinated kids

Schools ban unvaccinated kids

A new law could see parents in Italy also be fined if their kids are not vaccinated. 

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Listen as East Coasters debate whether or not unvaccinated kids should be banned from school.

The anti-vaccination movement around the world has been dealt a big blow, after Italy passed a law which compels parents to vaccinate their kids or not bring them to school. 

Parents can also be fined up to R5000 if they send their unvaccinated kids to school. 

The new law came after an increase in measles in schools. 

Officials in Italy say that vaccination rates have improved since the law was proposed. 

It has however been met resistance from some sectors, with people saying it violates the children’s rights to learn. 

Do you think banning unvaccinated kids from school is the right thing or is it too extreme?

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