Meghan Markle's half sister just won't stop talking!

Meghan Markle's half sister just won't stop talking!

It is just days before my girl Meghan Markle and her Prince charming, Prince Harry, walk down the aisle while millions of people (myself included) watch around the world.

Samantha Markle

It seems her estranged and very chatty half sister, Samantha Markle, is still on her fame seeking ways. 

In a recent interview with a British talk show, Samantha shared that the recent paparazzi images of their father, Thomas Markle, who is seen seemingly getting 'ready' for the upcoming nuptials of his daughter, were staged. 

Watch a clip from the interview here: 

Some of the pictures included shots of Thomas in an internet Cafe reading about his daughter and Prince Harry, and photos of him supposedly exercising ahead of his daughter's big day. 

Samantha admits to being the brains behind the staged pics, sharing the following:

I just wish that Samantha would stop talking! She is not invited to the wedding and shares that she has been estranged from Meghan since 2015.

I wish she would just allow her the opportunity to shine in the lead up to her wedding without causing drama. 

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