#DearDiary: Time may no longer be on my side

#DearDiary: Time may no longer be on my side

The Christmas break is winding down and #DearDiary is enjoying the last family moments she has before she heads back to be with her husband in Johannesburg. 

Dear Diary

The family time was much needed for more reasons than one. #DearDiary had the opportunity to speak to her grandmother about her big secret. 

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Her grandmothers response was surprisingly calm and dismissive. She advised Dear Diary to speak to her pastor at church in helping mediate the conversation between herself and her husband. Her grandmother stressed that the sooner she had the conversation with him the better. 

With each day that passes, her husband is getting more emotionally attached to whom he believes is his daughter. The longer #DearDiary prolongs this, the harder it will be for him. 

In this episode, #DearDiary receives a surprising text message from the church elder who she met with before she came home to spend Christmas with her family. 

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