At last! #DearDiary finally spills the beans

At last! #DearDiary finally spills the beans

#DearDiary and her family have arrived at her families homestead in rural KZN and there is a festive mood in the air. 


This episode of #DearDiary is set on Christmas Day. 

As with many families on Christmas Day, #DearDiary and her family are sitting together over a spread of mouth-watering food for Christmas lunch. 

The conversation at the table is nostalgic and filled with fun banter between the younger members of the family. Every year without fail, she and her extended family reunite during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It is the one time in the year when they can all see each other and reconnect. 

This visit for Dear Diary is the most significant, however. It is her first Christmas as a wife and mother. Added to that, it is also the only time she will get to see her grandmother whom she plans on sharing the news of her infidelity with. 

Listen: #DearDiary: The fear of revealing the secret

In this episode, #DearDiary shares her big secret with her grandmother. How will she react? 

Listen below to find out... 

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