Thandolwethu and the case of 'Black Guilt'

Thandolwethu and the case of 'Black Guilt'

“I am obsessed with my space… sometimes at nine o’clock I will put on Pink's DVD and just dance around the house NAKED… I am not running a BnB here.”

Black Guilt

Thandolwethu shared how her aunt and family played what she has coined as ‘black guilt’ on her this past weekend. Thandolwethu soon realised, however, that this guilt trip of sorts is one that most people can relate to.

A cousin that will be attending university next year is seeking accommodation. A place to stay that is closer in terms of travel. During this meeting it was suggested that the cousin lives with Thandolwethu. When Thandolwethu let her family know that would not be possible and she shared the story with her friends- they were left shocked that she does not feel any 'black guilt'.

Thandolwethu wanted to know your thoughts... do you let your family manipulate you into doing things just because they are blood?

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