Young millionaire lies to parents about her real financial state:

Young millionaire lies to parents about her real financial state

We all have that one secret we withhold from our parents, whether it’s the way we teach our children, a decision they wouldn’t approve of, or mixing with people they don’t like.

Millionaire woman

This weekend on Weekend Late-Nights with Owen Crafford, an anonymous young lady joined Owen on-air, to confess something she hadn’t told anyone, including her parents, who she lives with.

She has been operating her own business for several months now from her room, at her parents’ home. All of this is happening under her mom and dad’s noses and they don’t suspect a thing!

She has online meetings with her team every day. She calls the shots and makes tons of money every month with her e-commerce businesses and international investments.

In the interview, she reveals that her parents are under the impression that she is studying towards a three-year college degree, which they are paying for!

Furthermore, her parents think that she is unemployed, broke, and uncertain of her financial future, but boy are they wrong!

Listen to the full podcast to find out what she had to say for herself:

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