Are you a biscuit dipper or a dunker?

Are you a biscuit dipper or a dunker?

This past weekend, KZN listeners shared some of their favourite bad habits with Neil Green and some of them will leave you scratching your head after listening to them. 

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Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have bad habits that we simply cannot shake, ranging from nail-biting to overspending. The list is endless. 

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During the show this past weekend, Neil wanted to know if KZN had any bad habits and listeners didn't hold back. 

Here are some of the comments that we received from our post on our Facebook page:

Neil then decided to chat about it on-air and received a ton of responses. 

'I hate it when radio DJ's cut the songs off too early. It absolutely annoys me,' said one listener. 

Tinkerbell from Ulundi added: 'My sister has an eye issue and stuff leaks from her eye. I have no issue with that, but what irritates me is when she plays with it.'

Take a listen to some of the craziest bad habits from Neil Green and KZN listeners in the podcast below: 

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