WATCH: Instagram couple gets 10-year jail sentence for dancing video

WATCH: Instagram couple gets 10-year jail sentence for dancing video

Many countries have extremely strict laws for their citizens to abide by, breaking these laws could result in huge penalties.

Iranian couple sentenced to 10 years in jail for dance near Tehran's Freedom Tower/Image credit: BBC News

Iran is one of those locations with extremely strict laws.

Things ended on a bad note for an Instagram couple when what started off as content to them resulted in a heavy criminal charge.

The young Iranian couple filmed themselves dancing in front of Tehran’s Azadi Tower which is one of the country’s monumental landmarks that symbolises modern Iran.

The video shows the young man picking his girlfriend up and spinning her around and goes to show them dancing around happily.

Young Iranian couple sentenced to 10 years in jail for dancing near Tehran's Freedom Tower:

Video: BBC News/YouTube

The reason why the couple got caught in this predicament is due to the fact that women are not allowed to dance in public and the justice authority ruled out that this act convicted by the couple was public indecency and unlawful.

The Iranian government views dancing as a form of expression and freedom, so when they saw the video of the couple, they immediately took action.

 Furthermore, the country has had many protests due to the unfair treatment shown to woman – a young woman died in custody after being arrested for not wearing her scarf correctly.

Evidently the authorities keep a tab on social media to stop any form of protest, women have even started wearing their hair down in public to show that they stand against the rules which prevent women from being free.

Whether or not this was an intentional protest by the couple remains unknown however, it’s definitely a sad situation.

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