WATCH: Busta Rhymes throws a drink at a woman after she touches his butt

WATCH: Busta Rhymes throws a drink at a woman after she touches his butt

Whatever happened to boundaries?

Busta Rhymes

People usually get excited when they spot a celebrity in public.

Some people reach for their phones to try get a picture or even a selfie, while some even attempt to approach the celebrity in the hopes of a conversation.

Well, things got very weird when a woman overstepped her boundaries.

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In the video, Busta Rhymes is spotted walking with a group of people, including his bodyguard.

A woman emerges from the back and touches Busta Rhymes. This triggers the popular rapper as he then retaliates by angrily throwing his drink at the woman, who clearly invaded his space.

The woman was later identified as Nikita Mathis. She claims she "didn't mean to touch his behind'' and that she was just happy to see him as she's a big fan.

The lady further stated she now acknowledges that she should not have touched him as that was extremely inappropriate.

@ayooobones #BustaRhymes reacts to a woman inappropriately grabbing him #boombap #hiphopmusic #ayooobones #realhiphop ♬ Stranger Than Fiction - Chase Plato

Many people on Twitter have commented on the situation and supported Busta's reaction.

Twitter comment on Busta Rhymes
Twitter comment on Busta Rhymes

Some people have even suggested that Busta Rhymes should take legal action.


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