SEE: This dog was barking up the wrong tree

SEE: This dog was barking up the wrong tree

He's going to need a strong defence team on his side...

Arrested dog
Wyandotte Police Department - Michigan

Crime has never been the answer which is why law enforcement bodies take criminal acts very seriously.

However, what happens in the rare case whereby the member of the law enforcement team is the one behind the crime?

Unfortunately, a disappointing incident took place at the Wyandotte Police Department where a member of the team decided to commit a serious criminal act.

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The police dog, Officer Ice, is currently under investigation after he was caught stealing lunch from one of his colleagues.

Officer Barwig was indulging in his lunch when he realised he was needed in another department, he left his lunch only to come back to an empty plate.

The disappearance of the lunch was super shocking because only Officer Ice was in the room and, of course, all evidence pointed to him.

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This situation is no surprise because there have been allegations of the officer forcefully taking food away from other workers.

Furthermore, the officer has done his mugshot and the force is escalating the situation accordingly, maybe he had mistaken the lunch for his own or maybe he was just too hungry?

Officer Ice has shown a bit of remorse for his actions, however whether or not he meant to do it will be proven in court.

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Wyandotte Police Department - Michigan

Officer Ice has received so much support from the public and legal experts.

Many people have planned to protest in honour of Officer Ice to clear his name, he was even gotten some gifts to help clear his mind from this big inconvenience.

Now we're all left wondering, did he really commit the crime or was he set up?

Officer Ice


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