The Nike World Cup 2022 advert is a certified banger!

The Nike World Cup 2022 advert is a certified banger!

This advert is one to cherish as the 2022 FIFA World Cup prepares to kick off in Qatar...

Mbappe and Ronaldinho - World Cup advert by Nike
YouTube / Nike

There is something truly special about a FIFA World Cup.

Maybe it is because of the memories you have of watching previous editions with friends and family or you are an avid collector of the Panini World Cup stickers which come out with each showpiece event... that 'Got. Got. Need' nostalgia gives us goosebumps.

Possibly, you are just a football purist who relishes seeing the best players on the planet come together to celebrate the beautiful game?

Whatever the reason, you will admit that once every four years you get a bit giddy with excitement.

While the 2022 edition in Qatar is shrouded in controversy, once the first match kicks off, it is time for the best players on the planet to entertain us and bring forward the right values.

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Another aspect of the World Cup that people look forward to seeing are the adverts that are created by major brands who sponsor the tournament and players.

Nike are known to do an amazing job with their adverts - and in 2022 they have done it again!

Featuring the likes of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Kylian Mbappe, and Cristiano Ronaldo, the advert seeks to settle the debate of which World Cup superstar is the best by going back in time to transport the players to a secret location in Switzerland.

Essentially, it is a play on Marvel's multiverse...

Check it out below:


For those wondering where Lionel Messi is, well, he is an Adidas-sponsored athlete.

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For a trip down memory lane, check out some of the Nike World Cup adverts from down the years below:

2018 World Cup in Russia

2014 World Cup in Brazil

2010 World Cup in South Africa (Oh, the memories!)

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