SEE: Local couple captured walking pet goat on Giba Gorge Hike

Goat rescued from Giba Gorge is baaack for a leisurely stroll

Taking a goat on a casual hike! 

SEE: Local couple captured walking pet goat on Giba Gorge Hike
SEE: Local couple captured walking pet goat on Giba Gorge Hike/ supplied

One comes across many interesting animals while on a hike. However, Mike V was completely flabbergasted when he came across this Durban couple who was taking their pet goat for a walk. 

Yolande Els is the proud goat mom of tamed explorer, Haleeee Berryyy.

Normally goats are farm animals we look to avoid but how could we resist this cute goat. 

Here's a look at this fabulous creature: 

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Upon learning about this mesmerising combo, we asked goat mom Yolande about how the two came to meet.

This "mom to a rockstar" shares that she was taking a stroll in Giba and 2km in from where she parked her car, she found a baby goat sitting quietly.

Once the kid was taken to the vet, she was put on IV fluids for 5 hours as she was severely dehydrated. 

According to Yolande, the consensus was that the goat was abandoned by the mother.

"She had been trying to find another goat when I found her. The vet advised me that I have to feed her a bottle of milk every 3 hours. This carried on for another 6 months and I completely fell in love," says goat care-giver.  

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Not only do the two go adventuring but they have an undeniable bond. They duo share their epic travels on social media @goatbushjimny_many_adventures

It's so incredible how the couple choose to bring their "kid" back to where they found him. 

For now the goat has chosen to stay with the couple but who knows what's in store for the future of Haleeee Berryyyy. 


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