Catching up with Mike V

Catching up with Mike V

Keep up to date with what your favourite Early Breakfast guy has been up to during the week. 

Mike Vee at the Big Walk 2019 / Instagram
Mike Vee at the Big Walk 2019 / Instagram

What happened on Mike V's show this week? Let's take a look...

KZN's seas and the lockdown

I featured a Marine Biologist, who gave us some insight into the effect of the lockdown on our marine life.

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Was I a bully?

I was reminded of a mean nickname I gave to a schoolmate, and I placed a phone call to see if an apology was due. 

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This week in history

A local historian highlighted some interesting moments from this week throughout history, including the lunar landing and the death of Amy Winehouse. 

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I looked at new music from Graeme Watkins and Sun-El Musician.  

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