A 200 000 year old bed found in KZN

A 200 000 year old bed found in KZN

A research team at Border Cave in Northern KwaZulu-Natal have made a remarkable discovery: evidence that people have been using grass as bedding for the last 200 000 years.

A 200 000 year old bed found in KZN

Mike V was intrigued by this story. How is it possible to tell that grassy remnants are hundreds of thousands of years old? How did these early modern humans live? 

Professor Lyn Wadley of Wits University, a researcher at the site, took Mike inside this wonderful discovery, and tells us how this finding changes our understanding of the past. 

Mike was also surprised to learn that these people might have been very similar to the people who live in KZN today. They might have sat around a fire and cooked meat while sharing stories in the same way modern South Africans do.

Listen to the full interview with Professor Lyn Wadley below.

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