Would you pay to go ghost hunting?

Would you pay to go ghost hunting?

A ghosthunting tour in Liverpool sees people visiting abandoned orphanages and hospitals in search of paranormal activity. 


Would you do this on a Saturday night? Jane Linley-Thomas thinks not! 

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A former concert venue is among some of the places you can tour in search of ghosts! According to LadBible, between 9.30pm and 3.30am, you can explore the grounds of the building. From $85 (approximately R1,400) per person, you will have access to the whole of the site. 

Among the other places you can visit is a school dating back to 1874, where children were mistreated by caregivers. 

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A ticket will afford interested participants the chance to carry out experiments, including glass divination, table tipping, and Ouija Boards. Guests will also be taught how to use ghost hunting equipment like EMF Meters and K2 meters.

Would you pay to search for ghosts? 

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