Preparing for the return to school

Preparing for the return to school

South Africa moves to Level 3 on Monday which signals the return to school for Grade 7s and 12s. Many parents and children are feeling uncertain and apprehensive about the move. In this week’s KindnessCan podcast, Jane Linley-Thomas and Paul Bushell talk about the ins and outs of going back to school.

Preparing for the return to school

"Teachers do so much more than teach. They hold space for all these individuals and their unique experiences on a daily basis and it has taken this pandemic for us to realise how wide their job really is," says Paul.

"So, if you are a parent who is feeling afraid and concerned, take those concerns to your school and your school community... but just be so conscious of taking it in a supportive and kind and understanding way of what they are about to embark on as a school. Don't use this moment to take your fears and bully even further. That's just not going to help any of us.

"And if you are a teacher or a school, we see you; we hear you and we know what you're about to do. And be conscious about what you are doing with your fear in this moment as well. Acknowledge it, make space for it and find healthy ways to process and express it, because of course it can come out in funny ways on Monday - and just reflect on that a bit," advises Paul.

"Although there are so many new protocols and uncertainties, we can take control of how we prepare and respond," says Paul, adding: "Don't miss the opportunity to prepare your children."

Listen below as Jane and Paul give some practical things you can do to help prepare yourself and your children for returning to school.

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