Meet the No Drama Llama bringing peace to protests in the US

Meet the No Drama Llama bringing peace to protests in the US

Caesar is a llamactivist. Like many people Caesar has no voice, Larry takes him along to protests to represent the voiceless. 

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At protests across the United States, there are two attendees that stick out from the crowd. Larry McCool and Caesar have become local celebrities at demonstrations. It might be because they’re offering limitless hugs and solace amid the chaos. Or, it's because Caesar is a 160-kilogram llama. 

McCool has always had a soft spot for llamas. While many may avoid the spitting and standoffish creatures, he saw their unique personalities and opened his heart and home to them. The animal lover spent 20 years adopting and caring for retired llamas at his Mystic Llama Farm in Jefferson, Oregon. But when he met Caesar in 2015, he knew there was something special about him. Despite being a former grand champion show animal, Caesar’s calm and comforting nature captured McCool. After introducing him to the rest of his herd, McCool took Caesar out into public and was in awe of how affectionate he was with complete strangers. “He had the ability to bring joy to people,” McCool says. “I had to share that with everybody.” 

McCool began taking Caesar along to protests, and it wasn’t long before he blossomed into the No Drama Llama. Over the last five years, the duo have brought peace to more than 50 marches across the United States. Caesar's cuddly demeanour makes him the ideal support animal in tense environments. From women’s marches and climate change protests to the more recent Black Lives Matter demonstrations, Caesar has provided much-needed respite and support. “Some of us have a voice and a platform, others don’t,” McCool says. “If you have that chance you should always use it, and Caesar and I are able to do that.” 

When the pair aren’t putting a smile on protestors' faces, they’re lifting spirits in schools and retirement homes. To ensure elderly people aren’t suffering from loneliness during the COVID-19 pandemic, McCool and Caesar make regular stops outside their bedroom windows. Spreading love and no drama, Caesar is setting an example we can all live by.

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