KindnessCan Support Each Other - Session 2 (Anger)

KindnessCan Support Each Other - Session 2 (Anger)

We're living through extremely emotional and challenging times. Take a listen to KindnessCan founders, psychologist Paul Bushell and Jane Linley-Thomas, as they unpack the variety of emotions we're all experiencing at the moment in South Africa.

KindnessCan Support Each Other - Session 1

They hope to offer personal and practical ways to manage our feelings during these unsettling times. Today's KindnessCan Support Each Other session covered the anger you may be feeling. It's okay to be angry, it's normal.

Don't judge these feelings, choose wisely what you do with them.

  • Stop
  • Cool Off
  • Think
  • Choose

Listen below to the latest session.

On Friday, Jane and Paul touched on trauma. Listen below (each day's session will be uploaded to this page so check back in tomorrow).

You can join their daily 9am Zoom sessions for free.

WHEN: 16th - 23rd July 2021 at 09H00

WHERE: Zoom Link -

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