In conversation with world surfski champ Hayley Nixon

In conversation with world surfski champ Hayley Nixon

In this week’s KindessCan podcast, Jane Lindley Thomas and Paul Bushell catch up with biokineticist, 2019 World Surfski Series Champion and new mom, Hayley Nixon, to talk about balancing a career, professional sports, parenthood and staying fit, healthy and well along the way.

Hayley Nixon

Hayley shares heart-warming stories of kindness and encouragement, and talks about the importance of both lending and borrowing a helping hand every now and then. It's a special reminder to all of us that asking for help is an act of kindness.

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Meanwhile, drink spiking happens more often than you might think. It happens in nice restaurants in the middle of the day, and in nightclubs in the middle of the night. It happens to young and old. It happens to women and men. It is a serious problem.

It is important that we educate ourselves to this sad reality, and find ways to protect ourselves and create awareness.

In an earlier KindnessCan podcast, Jane and Paul caught up with Peach Piche, who has taken her family's personal experience and turned it into a useful product to stop drink spiking.

Drinkerbell is a unique hair accessory that doubles up as drink cover. From victim to victor, Peach is passionate about creating awareness and offering solutions. Listen to the full story below in the podcast.


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