Kind Kinesiology and walking through fire

Kind Kinesiology and walking through fire

This week psychologist Paul Bushell and Jane Linley-Thomas get some practical tips and tools for managing fear and unlocking our negative belief systems. They also play with the idea of walking on FIRE!

Kerry Van Huyssteen

Specialised Kinesiologist Kerry Van Huyssteen shares some real and accessible tools that we can all use in our everyday life to overcome fear.

She even talks us through how someone might prepare to walk over a fire! This especially useful in a time where we all have our own fires that we are walking through.

Listen to the podcast, sponsored this week by Van Wyk Law Incorporated, via the player below.

Kerry has been running a health consultancy, Ember Connect, since 2006.  Learn more here. 

Being kind through loss and grief

It has been a time of global loss and grief. It is often hard to know what to do with these feelings. It can also be very hard to know how to be there for other people. In last week's podcast, Jane and Paul caught up with speaker and author of 'The Grief Handbook', Bridget McNulty.

In 'The Grief Handbook', McNulty offers personal insights and practical advice that enables people to grieve in their own way.

In this episode of KindnessCan, they talk through practical ideas for recovering through loss and grief.

You can learn more about Bridget McNulty and her book at

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