Karen wants you to stop using her name!

Karen wants you to stop using her name!

The Karens of this world have had enough of their name being tossed around loosely - and they have started a petition. 


Negative Nancy, Debby Downer, and Racist Karen. We've all been guilty of using these terms. But a group of Karens are saying they want it to end and in true 'Karen style', a petition has been created, and it's making us wonder if she's in the right... this time. 

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It's official, Karen has had enough, and she is urging people to stop negatively using her name. The petition asks for people to stop their names being used to describe racist women. 

Traditionally, Karen has been used to label a woman who demands to speak to the manager and shouts at cashiers for taking a long time to ring up a purchase. The trend began as an innocent meme and has since escalated, so much so that Karen is now labelled as a racist and the name is smeared across the Black Lives Matter movement. Due to middle-aged white women being at the centre of racist scandals, the term has stuck.

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The trend of racist Karen seems to have escalated in May when a white woman was publically ridiculed after she was filmed calling the cops on a black man.


The woman has since been identified as Amy Cooper, and her life was turned upside down over her racist act, and she has also lost her job. After Amy's incident, the Karen trend officially stuck. 

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Real-life Karens have taken offence and are now upset and the petition was launched by Karen Masters. 

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Her petition has garnered 390 signatures and we want to know if you agree.

If your name is Karen, will you be signing the petition? 

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