#ItStartsWithMe: Mandela Day Challenge 2020

#ItStartsWithMe Mandela Day Challenge 2020

This Mandela Day, we challenge you to honour your community at large.

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We all want to make a difference, but it's not that easy this year. That's why we're so excited about our #ItStartsWithMe Mandela Day Challenge 2020. What's so amazing about this project is that anyone can do it!

The challenge is all about honouring Mandela by honouring each other. How we see people matters – more than what we say or do. 

How it works:

Mandela Day

Watch this thought-provoking video and join us on our mission!

This challenge won’t be easy, but it will be life-changing!

To join the challenge, follow us on Facebook or Instagram. You can also visit our website for templates and great ideas.

Why don’t you encourage your school, business or organisation to join? We can make a difference in our country and in our world. 

It starts with us!

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