Kindness with Mango Groove's Claire Johnston

Kindness with Mango Groove's Claire Johnston

In this week's KindnessCan podcast, Jane Linley-Thomas and Paul Bushell catch up with South African icon, Claire Johnston. Recorded with a live audience, the podcast beams good vibes and possibility.

Claire Johnston Mango Groove

Claire Johnston was just 17 years-old when she joined Mango Groove.

She has since recorded six studio albums with the band, toured extensively, and released two solo albums.

Claire talks about Mango Groove, her big South African moments, her favourite songs, meeting Madiba, the power of music, and living through a lockdown with her precious pug - who makes a surprise appearance at the end!

The special star encourages South African's to hold on and see how special, resilient and magical we really are as a nation.

Listen via the link below.

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