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What's the strangest thing you've had to drive around with?

Children are pretty awesome, what are some of the weird and wonderful things they leave in your car?

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Supplied - Jane Linley-Thomas

On the way out of the door this morning about to embark on the school run, my 5-year-old daughter approached the car ladened with what looked like her sock and underwear drawer. 

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Inside the wicker basket was her toy rabbit, whom she had made a bed for and was insistent he had to come for the drop off, so off we went. I arrived in the ECR car park with this sight on my passenger seat floor. 

As a mom of three small kids, there are often suspect things in my car, and this made my day! I miss being a child and finding joy in such simple things and not having the stress of adulting.

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A poll in the UK found that these are some of the strangest things people have ridden around with: 

  • Mannequins
  • A bale of hay
  • A wedding dress in the boot
  • 52 pies
  • Gym kit in the boot

Okay, this is hilarious!

I can't be alone here, what's the strangest thing you've had to drive around with?

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