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Does your car brand reflect your personality?

A recent study in Britain has revealed that one particular brand has the rudest drivers. Is it possible that the car you drive reflects your personality and temperament?

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Does the type of car we drive determine our personality on the road? More than likely because most people don’t spend thousands of rands on a car they picked simply by spinning the wheel and then saying 'that one'. 

I mean there are a ton of things you take into consideration when you’re thinking of choosing your vehicle – right? You pick your car based on how much money you can spend, the size of your family, fuel efficiency, and practicality so that it suits the job you do. Or maybe it's just about how flashy you’d like to be?

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But does a specific type of car make you rude on the road?  It seems so because according to UNILAD, a survey has uncovered that in Britain, users of BMW’s are the rudest drivers. In second place were drivers of Range Rovers then Audi TT drivers.

Market research company, One Poll conducted a study that has said that motorists who were surveyed said that one in six drivers thought they matched the stereotype that was associated with the car they drive. 

I'd like to hear from you. Do you think the type and brand of car you drive reflects your personality?

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