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This advert for a wedding photographer will leave you scratching your head!

A newly-engaged couple posted an advert for a wedding photographer, but their request will leave you a bit confused once you read it...

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If you have planned a wedding before, you would know that among the host of things that you have to take into account, hiring a photographer is of high importance.

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Getting a good photographer is important as you only have one chance to ensure that all your important memories are correctly captured for you to cherish forever.

I came across this super strange advert that a couple posted when they were looking for a photographer. At first, i thought it was a joke, but they were actually pretty serious.

On Air With Ryan Seacrest has reported that a soon-to-be-married couple have asked their wedding photographer to shoot not only their wedding, but also their first night together, as this will be both of their first times.

The couple posted the following advert:

'Hello, my fiance and I are getting married later this year and are looking for a wedding photographer. We are hoping someone will document the whole day from beginning to end. We are specifically hoping someone will document the end, which we are finding difficult to find someone who will. We have both saved ourselves for marriage and understand our first time will be awkward but do not think it will be that much more awkward for the photographer to be there and we'd really like it documented (in a beautiful and tasteful way).If you are ok with being with us the whole day, please send pricing and some examples of your work. Thank you'

Sjoe, I have no words. This has to be the most awkward request that a photographer has ever received? Personally, I feel that an intimate moment (especially this) is something that is private. Imagine how awkward it will be for the photographer capturing something like this?

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