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Bride sets her wedding dress on fire for photograph

How far would you go for a great photograph? I guess this woman was prepared for things to get more than a bit heated...

dress on fire

So, for many, their wedding day is a day of celebrating love and making memories with close friends and family.  The day is also one you want to reflect on and, of course, this means hiring a photographer who is able to capture the day perfectly.

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Not only did this bride want to capture the ordinary moments, she wanted to take things up a notch and try something new and a bit dangerous.

According to Indian Express, a bride in China insisted on having her wedding dress set on fire to get the perfect shot. 

Personally, I must add that the shot is insane, but as far as the symbolism behind it, well, I'm not quite sure about that one. Needless to say, this bride's photograph is definitely one for the books and is absolutely lit. Like literally!

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