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Sending nudes to your ex: Yay or nay?

Sending semi-nude images via text is fast becoming an ever-growing trend. People have mixed feelings about this - some would say that a little sneak peek is no biggie in the grand scheme of things. What do you think?

Sending nudes to your ex

A friend of mine, Sarah (not her real name), sent me a voice note a few weeks ago. I recently played it for Simon, my producer, and he’s forced me to play this on-air for you to listen to.

Let me give you some context. Sarah and Mark were dating for about six months, but the problem with their relationship was distance. Mark lives in Johannesburg and Sarah is here in Pietermaritzburg. Sarah and I have known each other since we were in school. She’s an absolute riot and Mr T and I loved having her and Mark around. There was definitely some chemistry between them. Unfortunately, things ended due to the distance. 

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It’s been roughly three years since they broke up, then one night she had a few too many glasses of wine and, well, she did something that she probably should not have done. 

Take a listen to her in the podcast then read more below:

So after listening to this, I was pretty taken aback to say the least. And now it seems that he wants to see her.

However, Sarah is in a new relationship with a guy that she met online. Sjoe! the 'skandaal' is just too much for me! So Simon, in his wisdom, said we have to put this on-air and ask you what you think Sarah should do. 

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Maybe everyone should just walk away from this before it gets messy. I mean, she’s already sent nudes to this guy. Maybe that’s enough for now?

What do you think - should she go and see Mark? Or should she just ignore his reply, move on, and try and make things work with this new guy?

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