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Friends and texting: Do you know when to draw the line?

We all have that one friend that we text way too much. But when you start texting them more than your partner, is it something to be concerned about? 

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Do you text your friends more than you text your partner?

Well, I have a work colleague who told me that she only SMS's her husband to tell him what time to pick up the kids and what to pick up from the shops. There is a constant stream of SMS's of her telling him what to do.

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Not one of the SMS's included 'how was your day' or 'I love you' But when it comes to SMS'ing me, she’s full of 'Hey Jane' and 'OMG, have you heard about so and so?' There are endless funny moments that we share via text. But why doesn’t she message her hubby in the same way? Is it because she maybe goes home and they catch up on the day? It really got me thinking...

Mike and I have been married for what seems like an eternity and we shared 3 beautiful kids together. Being parents, most of our texts include kid-related stuff like 'where should we take the kids over the weekend' or 'I'm on my way to pick them up'. However, we always find time to send a quick 'X' or even a 'love you'. But each to their own I guess.

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How often do you text your partner? And when you do, are you like my work colleague or do you find time to add a bit of love in your texts?

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