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Jane Linley-Thomas bags award for podcast at Liberty Radio Awards

"No words can explain how much this award means to me," said Jane on social media following the Liberty Radio Awards held this past weekend in Johannesburg.

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When I got the news that I was nominated for a Liberty Radio Award, I chose not to think about winning. That didn't matter to me, I was thrilled that Vanessa's story had been recognised. 

For me, Vanessa Goosen’s story was the crown jewel and I was the vehicle that delivered it.

When I didn’t get award for the Documentary category, it was hard to experience disappointment, because obviously everyone wants to be a winner. 

When Bongani from East Coast Drive won Afternoon Drive Presenter I went mad, I literally yelled with joy and almost dislocated my jaw cheering with all my heart, it was pure delight, what a moment it was - like I'd won already. 

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Then the moment came for the category of Podcast for the year. When David Kau said the words 'East Coast Radio', it felt as if my heart had burst wide open. I stood up and then dropped into a haunch. I can’t even explain the feeling I felt. The team went bezerk, and Mags from East Coast Drive jumped on my head in all the excitement. I found my producers, Simon and Mfundo, and pulled them up to the stage with me. 

I’ve been very emotional since the evening because I am so compelled by purpose-driven work and to tell stories with heart, courage, and tenacity, and winning an award in this category confirms I am on the right track. It’s quite something to be recognised on a national level for this body of work. 

Well done to all the winners in the various categories. I am looking forward to another year of sinking my teeth and heart into moving stories of those needing a platform to be heard.

Dreams do come true 💙 #LibertyRadioAwards @eastcoastradio

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💙💙💙💙💙 #LibertyRadioAwards @eastcoastradio

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Pinching myself @eastcoastradio #libertyradioawards ❤

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