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Illustrator captures what's wrong with today's society

These images certainly do speak louder than words. Wow!

wrong with society
Facebook / Al Margen - Página

Talk about disturbing! These illustrations really hit home and provide hard-hitting visuals about the state of the world we live in.

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An illustrator from Buenos Aires in Argentina, who goes by the name of Al Margen, has taken to social media to share his powerful, thought-provoking illustrations of what he thinks is wrong with society. 

Without using any words, the artist manages to capture powerful messages by use of illustrations only. So often we go through life without noticing how certain things have taken over, but Al Margen has definitely managed to capture them perfectly.

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The illustrations that really struck a chord with me are the ones showing how we have become so dependent and reliant on social media. 

The image of the emancipated character pulling at the 'tummy' with a bucket behind is also unsettling. Also, the image of the lying Pinocchio-type nose coming through the TV stirs an interesting conversation.

Check out the images below and let me know what your thoughts are after seeing them.

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