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Ben Affleck: Yet another Hollywood star in hot water

Amidst all the Harvey Weinstein drama, Ben Affleck has also come under fire for 'groping' an actress back in 2003.

Ben Afflick

In response to the Harvey Weinstein situation, Ben Affleck publicly condemned his behaviour and went on to say that he was "saddened and angry" amid all the allegations. 

According to US Weekly, what should have been met with applause, soon turned into Twitter outrage as fans of Hilarie Burton from the hit series One Tree Hill remembered a television interview on 'TRL' where the actor "tweaked her left boob". 

Day after day we hear these stories of men in a position of 'power' acting inappropriately. From the blindside of Bill Cosby to the disgrace that is Harvey Weinstein, and now to another family man, Ben Affleck. Why don't these men of the screen use their profile to be examples of love and respect as opposed to pretentious sleazebags?

There is so much love, time, and energy about caring for the girls and woman in our community but what work is being done on the male youth? Who do these boys look up to as a blueprint on how to treat a lady? In most cases, you hope the father of the home sets a good example, and I'd like to believe that this is the case.

The fact that the comments around Ben's groping video were that he was joking is once again a sad state that this issue is deemed as funny and acceptable in a world where rape and taking advantage is done with such ease.

Even though he publicly apologised on Twitter, is it just another case of 'a little too late to say sorry'?

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